Profit and Loss-M


A bookseller marks his books at an advance of 69% on the actual cost of production. He allows a discount of 15% and also given a copy free for every dozen sold at a time. What rate per cent profit does the bookseller make, if books are sold in lots of 12?


A certain manufacturer sells a product to the distributor at 10% profit. Then, the distributor sells it to the dealer and the dealer sells to the retailer at a mark-up of 10% and 20%, respectively. The retailer marks up his cost by 20% and then offers a 10% discount to the customer. If the customer had bought it from the distributor directly at the distributor’s selling price, then how much reduction in price would he have got with respect to buying it from the retailer?


Two pieces of the same cloth together cost Rs.910. On selling from the first piece as many metres as the second piece originally contained and from the second piece half as many metres as the first piece contained originally. The remaining of the first piece turned out to exceed the remaining of the second piece by 10 m. Each metre of the cloth costs Rs.14. How many metre of cloth did each piece originally contain?


Rupesh marks up an article by p%, gives a discount of p/4 % and gets a profit of p/4 %. Had he marked up by p/2 % and given a discount p/6 %, what would be his profit percentage?


A publisher printed 3000 copies of ‘Future Shock’ at a cost of Rs.2400. He gave 500 copies free to different philanthropic institutions. He allowed a discount of 25% on the published price and gave one copy free for every 25 copies bought at a time. He was able to sell all the copies in this manner. If the published price is Rs.3.25, then what is his overall gain or loss percentage in the whole transaction?


A car manufacturing company XYZ can make 300 cars per month at a cost of Rs.2 lakhs per car and pay an excise duty of 30% per car. It has 500 cars in its storage room in a month and is able to sell 300 cars per month at a rate of Rs.3 lakhs per car. In the budget in the last week of February, the excise duty was reduced by 10% and it will take effect from 1st April. But, the customers cannot wait till 1st April. So the company decides to give this rebate to every customer who buys a car in March as well, but for this particular month the company has to pay 30% duty. The company can reduce or increase manufacturing of car per month by a maximum of 25%. What is the profit or loss in the revenue to the company in the month of March?


A shopkeeper purchases a packet of 50 pens at Rs.10 per pen. He sells a part of the packet at a profit of 30%. On the remaining part, he incurs a loss of 10%. If his overall profit on the whole packet is 10%, find the number of pens he sold at profit.

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