Primer – Percentage ,Profit Loss and SICI

A student must get 40% marks to pass in an exam. A student gets 30 marks and fails by 6 marks. What are the maximum marks of the exam?

The price of a trouser is more than that of a t-shirt by 60%. By what percent is the t-shirt’s price less than that f the trouser?

Ganesh spends 15% of his salary on fuel, 20% on house rent, 40% on other house expenditures and the remaining amount on his children’s education. What is the amount spent by him on fuel if his children’s education costs his Rs.5,000?

A man mixes oranges and sweet lime to make a juice. He adds two oranges and three sweet lime pieces to make the juice. Now, if he interchanges the amount of oranges and sweet lime pieces, what is the percentage increase in the concentration of oranges?

When prices are reduced by 40%, the sales increase by 60%. What is the net effect on revenue earned?

There were 5 sections in a test. Out of the total number of students who appeared, 10% students cleared the cut-off in all sections and 10% cleared the cut-off in none of the sections. Of the remaining students, 25% cleared only one section and 10% cleared exactly 4 sections. If 25% of the remaining candidates cleared exactly 2 sections and 27300 students cleared exactly 3 sections, how many students appeared for the test?

80% of the weight of fresh dates is constituted by water. They are kept in a drying room and after drying them sufficiently, if turns out that only 20% of the weight is constituted by water. What is the weight of dried dates obtained from 500 kg of fresh dates?

In the year 2002, the rate of wheat decreased by 15%. In the year 2003, it increased by 20%. Again it decreased in 2004 by 18% and increased by 25% in 2005. As compared to year 2002, what was the effective percentage increase/decrease in 2005 if the trend continues?

In a Chinese city, the population increases in the first year by 10%, increases in the second year by 10% and decreases in the third year by 10%. If the population now is 100000, what is the population after three years?

Akhil spends 80% of his income. If his income is increased by 27% and 40% respectively in two years, then what will be the percentage increase in savings?

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