Logical Reasoning (LR) – Family Tree Directions

Shilpa’s sister-in-law is the daughter of Rahul. If Shilpa is the only child of her parents, then how is Shilpa’s husband related to Rahul?

From his house, a man walks towards north and covers 15.5 km. Then, he turns left and travels 7 km. Then, he turns left again and after travelling 31 km, he again turns left and stops after travelling 7 km. How far is he from his house?

Gagan started from point A towards south and travelled 5 km. Then, he turned right and travelled 2 km. He again turned right and travelled 5 km. Finally, he turned left and traveled 5 km. How far is he from point A?

A policeman left his police post and proceeded 4 km towards south after hearing a loud sound from a point A. On reaching point A, he heard another sound and proceeded 4 km to the left to reach another point B. From point B, he proceeded left to reach a point 4 km away. In which direction should he to go to reach his police post?

Neeraj started from point ‘A’ and travelled 7 km straight towards east. Then he turned left and proceeded straight for a distance of 10 km. He then turned left again and proceeded straight for a distance of 6 km and then turned left again and proceeded straight for another 10 km. In which direction was Neeraj from his starting point?

A direction pole was situated on a crossing. Due to an accident, the pole turned in such a manner that the pointer which was showing east started showing south. One traveller went in the wrong direction thinking it to be west. In which direction was he actually travelling?

Sam was facing east. He turns 145 Degree clockwise and then 150 Degree anticlockwise. Which direction is he facing now?

Rohan started from point A and walked straight till he reached point B. From there, he took the ladder inclined at \[ 30^0 \] to the wall. On reaching the top, he moved rightwards. When he encountered a snake on the way, he turned left. After seeing a dead end, he took the left turn instead of walking straight. After another left turn, he finally arrived at another similar ladder which he descended and started walking till he reached C. In which direction is C from A?

One morning after sunrise Juhi while going to school met Lalli at Boring road crossing. Lalli's shadow was exactly to the right of Juhi. If they were face to face, which direction was Juhi facing?

Y is in the east of x which is in the north of z. If p is in the south of z, then in which direction of y is p?

Looking at the portrait of a man, Ashok said, ‘His mother is the wife of my father’s son. Brothers and sisters I have none’. At whose portrait was Ashok looking?

E is to the east of C and south of D. B is to the west of D and south of A. In which direction is A with respect to E?

Anup travels 5 km towards the west from his office, then travels 4 km towards the north, followed by 5 km towards the west and finally 6 km towards the north. What is the horizontal distance (in km) travelled by him?

A person walks towards the east, then moves to the right, then moves towards the east again. Now, the person moves towards the north, then east and finally takes a right again. What is the direction of the person w.r.t the original position? Assume that the person travels an equal distance at each step.

Darshana started walking towards the west. She walked a distance of 3 km and then turned to her left and walked 5 km. She again turned to her left and walked another 10 km. Then she turned to her right and walked 5 km. In which direction is she in relation to her starting point?

A man walks 15 m towards north. Then turning to his left, he walks 15 m. Now, turning to his right he walks 5 m. Again, he turns to his right and walks 15 m. How far and in which direction is he from his initial position?

Samina, facing south, moved straight for 2 km, then turned left and walked for 2 km. She then took a turn to the east and walked 1 km. Where would she be now w.r.t her starting point?

Initial direction: South Directions after left turn: East Direction after going east: East again. Hence, Samina is to the south-east of her original position. Hence, option 3.

Nihar starts from his office and walks 10 m towards the east. Then he turns left and walks 11 m, and then walks 14 m to his right. He then travels 18 m towards the south to reach the bus stand. In which direction is the bus stand w.r.t his office?

Raghav started walking from a point and walked 16 m towards the west He then took a left turn and walked 7 m. He again took a left turn and walked 7 m. Finally, he took a right turn and walked for 5 m. What is the distance between his initial and final position?

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