Arithmetic – Average

Q.1. A batsman’s score in an innings was 2.5 times the average of his score in the first two innings. If his average score in the three innings put together was 90, what was his score in the third innings?

Q.2. The average marks in Maths for a class of 30 students in 53. However, the marks of two students were misread as 54 and 63 instead of 57 and 70. What was the correct average?

Q.3. If the average age of a class is 15 and that of the girls is 25, what is the average age of the boys? The number of boys and girls in the same.

Q.4. A company had 17 employees eight years ago, with an average age of 29 years. What will be the total age of the employees two years from now? No employee has joined or left the company in the meantime.

Q.5. Two varieties of milk, costing Rs. 30 and Rs. 36 per liter, are mixed in a ratio of 3 : 5 respectively to get the final mixture of milk. What is the cost of the final mixture (in Rs.)?

Q.6. Two different batches of students of a coaching class with average marks 80 and 90 respectively are combined to form a third batch. The average marks of the combined batch now changes to 84. What is the ratio of the number of students in the first batch to that in the second batch?

Q.7. The average monthly salary of 55 employees of a firm is Rs. 6,000. For the first year, each of them gets an increment of 20%. For the second year, due to recession, each employee’s salary is reduced by 25%. What is the new average salary of the employees, if no employee has joined or left in these two years?

Q.8. The batting average of a batsman for 35 innings is 83 runs. His highest score exceeds his second highest score by 16 runs. If these two innings are excluded, the average of the remaining innings is 71 runs. What is his highest score?

Q.9. The average age of three brothers is 10 years. If the age of the father and mother is also considered, the average increases by 13 years. If the father is 5 years elder to the mother, what is the age (in years) of the father?

Q.10. The average age of a couple married five years back was 24 years at the time of their marriage. The average age of the family now is 20 years. It is known that the couple has one child. What is the age of the child in years?

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