How to Crack WAT/PI for IIM's?

To get admission into an IIM, after the candidate clears the aptitude test, the next round is WAT/PI
WAT (Written Ability Test)
WAT is the Written Ability Test and the candidate will be asked to write an essay on the given topic. The topic can be related to India or the world. The topics asked are mostly contemporary issues. To crack this test, the candidate must be familiar with what is going on around. For this, the candidate should read the daily newspaper. The candidate should be able to put all his/her thoughts in the essay using simple sentences. They should be short and understood by all. This is because they will be direct and to the point. Their essay should be unique, as the person assessing will be reading hundreds of essays, he will not find it interesting if the points are the same written by all others. Only practicing by writing several essays before WAT will help the candidate to perform well
PI (Personal Interview)

PI is Personal interview and aims at perceiving the communication skills and instinct responses of the candidate. The first and foremost thing that any interview giver should keep in mind is that he/she should never beat around the bush. The interviewer surely knows more than you and has more knowledge. So, it is better if you directly accept that you don’t know something. All that is written on the resume should be known. Hobbies and interests should be mentioned only if you have thorough knowledge about them.

For example, if your hobby is dancing, you should be familiar with all the dance forms, famous personalities, etc. Conventionally, in most of the interviews, the commonly asked opening question is telling about yourself. It is recommended to prepare for this answer before hand in a way that pleases the panelists. The most important strategy to crack both these tests is to be attentive throughout. One cannot expect the number of questions asked. So you should be able to answer any question