Primer – LCM HCF

What is the HCF of 12, 24, 16, 32 and 8?

The H.C.F. of two numbers is 36 and their LCM is 1950. If one of the numbers is 234, what is the other number?

When 682 chocolates are equally divided among a group of children, 2 chocolates are left. When 578 chocolates are distributed instead, 2 chocolates are still left. What is the greatest number of chocolates that a child can get?

What is the largest number that divides 98,147,268 and 365 to leave a remainder of 2,3,4 and 5 respectively?

Three numbers are in the ratio 4:5:6 and their LCM is 3600. What is their HCL?

Let X be the LCM of 32,128,512 and 1024. What is the sum of digits of X?

The LCM and HCF of two numbers is 18 and 7200 respectively. If one of the numbers is 450, what is the sum of the two numbers?

If the number 974c084 is completely divisible by 4, what will be the smallest whole number in place of c?

The G.C.D. of 1.08,0.36 and 0.9 is:

There are three classes of 91, 143 and 208 students respectively who go out together for physical training. All the students are divided into groups of equal sizes and each group contains students only from one of the classes. What would be the largest possible group size?

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