Primer – Algebra

Q.1. The present age of a son, mother, father and grandmother are in the ratio of 3 : 9 : 18. If the average age of the son and father is 26 years, what is the difference between the ages of the mother and grandmother?

Q.2. 6 years from now, Makarand’s age will be 7/23 times his father’s age. Four years ago, the ratio of their ages was 1 : 9. What is the present age of Makarand’s father?

Q.3. In a cricket team, twice the bowler’s present age is 8/5th the batsman’s present age. At present, twice the all-rounder’s age is five times the bowler’s age 10 years ago. What is the sum of the batsman and all-rounder’s current age?

Q.4. The difference between the age of vijay and ajay is the same as the difference between the age of sanjay and vijay. If their average age is 20 years, what was the age of vijay 5 years ago?

Q.5. A lady’s age is five times more than her daughter’s age. Six years from now, her age will be four times her daughter’s age. What was daughter’s age (in years) three years ago?

Q.6. Sarika’s present age is one-eight of her father’s present age. Sarika’s father’s present age will be twice Vaishali’s age 10 years from now. If vaishali’s eighth birthday was celebrated two years ago, what is the difference between sarika and vaishali’s present ages?

Q.7. 14 years ago, lokesh’s grandfather was eight times as old as lokesh. He would only be four times as oldas lokesh, two years from now. What is the current age of lokesh’s grandfather (in years)?

Q.8. Jayesh asked Mahesh- “what is your age?”. Mahesh replied-“take my age 4 years hence, multiply it by 4 and subtract four times my age four years ago to get my age.” If jayesh is two years older than Mahesh, was is the age of Mahesh?

Q.9. Three years ago, the ratio between A and B’s ages was 3 : 4 and the same ratio after 6 years will be 6 : 7 . 5 years from now, the ratio between B and C’s ages will be 2 : 3. If A’s age is n years, which of the following equations expresses the relationship between A and C’s present age?

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