Q.1. Four runners in one relay race come at a starting point at an interval of 10, 15, 20 and 30 seconds respectively. In 30 minutes, how many times will all the runners meet together at the starting point? (Assume that the speed of all runners remain constant throughout the race)

Q.2. Rakesh reaches office on time when he travels at an average speed of 35 kmph. If he travels at an average speed of 30 kmph, he reaches 12 minutes late. How far does he travel?

Q.3. The speed of a boat in still water is 50 kmph. If the boat travels 90 km along the stream in 1 hour and 30 minutes, what is the time taken by the boat to cover the same distance against the stream?

Q.4. Konkankanya Express crosses a stationery train, Kanyakumari Express, in 49 seconds and a pole in 20 seconds with the same speed. If the length of Konkankanya Experss is 280 m, what is the length of Kanyakumari Express?

Q.5. A train crosses another stationery train of the same length in 40 seconds and then crosses a bridge 1675 m long in 2 minutes. What is the length of the moving train?

Q.6. Ramesh travels from Andheri to Bandra with a speed of 10 kmph and returns back with a speed of 15 kmph. What is his average speed for the whole journey?

Q.7. A car starts from P at the speed of 80 km/hr and reaches Q in 45 minutes. If it increases its speed by 10 km/hr for the return journey, what is the total time taken for the two-way journey?

Q.8. Two cyclists start from the same point at the same time in opposite directions on a circular track 1080 m long. The first cyclist travels at a speed of 43.2 km/hr and the second cyclist travels at a speed of 54 km/hr. when they meet at the starting point for the first time, how many times have they met each other including their meeting at the starting point for the first time?

Q.9. A train, 150 m long, crossed a 100 m long platform in 12 seconds. Another train travelling at 6 kmph less than the first train crossed an electric pole in 12 seconds. In how much time will they cross each other while travelling in opposite directions?

Q.10. A man goes from A to B, situated 60 kms apart, by a boat. His onward journey was with the stream while the return journey was an upstream journey. It took him four and half hours to complete the round trip. If the speed of the stream is 10 km/hr , how long did it take him to complete the onward journey?

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